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Please find below our answers to frequently asked questions:

  • Why do chocolate lollipops seem to have a hole in their bellies?
    Before chocolate is poured into a mould, the stick is fitted onto a small nose in the mould to prevent the stick from sinking into the liquid chocolate. The nose displaces the chocolate and leaves a hole in the figure.

  • Is it possible to deliver to consumers?
    It is within Germany. Please have a look at our web store.

  • Are your products suitable for allergic persons?
    All of our products can contain traces of nuts and gluten.

  • Do you arrange plant visits?
    Hygiene regulations have become very strict lately. Therefore we unfortunately had to cease plant visits. .

  • Why do our male Easter bunnies sometimes wear women’s clothes and the other way around?
    Male and female bunnies are sorted in alternating line-ups on the conveyor belt before they are “dressed” into the packaging foil, which is synchronically alternating between male and female images. What happens is this: faulty bunnies (i.e. missing stick, jammed figure) will not fit into their wrappers and cause some confusion. In this commotion a number of bunnies catch the wrong dresses. It is difficult to avoid this unless we do away with male or female figures. As yet, we haven’t made up our minds which one to drop...


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